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By making an appointment with us you will be entering into a service contract. All appointments made are bound by this booking policy and by making an appointment with us you are agreeing to these terms & conditions.


To secure the appointment time and date offered to you, a deposit is always required.

Deposits cover lost wages and time that may have gone to another client in the event of a cancellation or no show. In essence, we share the loss if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment.

Your deposit will be applied the day that your tattoo is completed. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE.

  1. All tattoo appointments require a booking fee (deposit) to secure the appointment. The booking fee will vary upon the length of the session booked.

  2. The booking fee (deposit) is not an extra charge and is included in the total price of your tattoo.

  3. All booking fees (deposits) are non refundable under any circumstances outside of your existing Consumer Contract Rights

  4. Failure to pay the booking fee (deposit) by the requested date will result in your appointment being cancelled without notice or contact from us.

  5. If you have multiple appointments booked your booking fee (deposit) will be held as payment towards the last session you have booked. You must pay in full on the day for each appointment that you have prior to your last appointment.

  6. Booking fees (deposits) cannot be transferred to another client and can only be used by the original client who the appointment was made for.


The cost of your session is at your artist's discretion, and you will discuss and agree with them before your appointment. With appropriate information provided, you are typically able to be given a ballpark estimate ahead of time. If you have a strict budget, please let us know. However, a strict budget will affect the overall size and details of your tattoo. 

  1. We do many smaller, one session tattoos at a flat rate starting at £100 and going up from there depending on placement and complexity of the design.

  2. For larger and/or multiple session project, the rate is £100/hour with a 4 hours and half minimum.

  3. Pricing will vary depending on the technique, design, time needed etc. Prices are not up for negotiation.

  4. Prices quoted are only guaranteed once the booking fee (deposit) has been paid. Prices may be subject to change if an appointment is not made within seven days of receiving a quote.

  5. If you book in for a one off piece then decide to extend into a larger tattoo (i.e. a sleeve) at a later date you will be charged the current rate at the time of making the new appointments. Prices are subject to change and are usually reviewed every January.

  6. If you change the design and/or size of the tattoo booked then your quote will no longer be valid. In this circumstance you will be given a revised quote based upon the new design and/or size requested. This may also mean you need to pay a larger booking fee (deposit) depending on the new quote.

  7. You will be charged in full for your tattoo if you 'tap out' of the session before the tattoo is finished/before the amount of time you booked is complete (i.e - If you book a 6 hour session and can only sit for 3 hours you will still be charged for 6 hours on the day). You will also incur extra charges to get the tattoo finished in another session. Please make sure you only book in for the amount of time you think you can handle. 


By scheduling an appointment and/or making a deposit you are agreeing to these terms which are legally binding and enforceable.

  1. ​If you need to reschedule your appointment, your deposit will be transferred one time only unless you give less than 72 hours notice.  In that case, your deposit will be forfeit and you will need to leave a new deposit to get back on the calendar. 

  2. If you request to reschedule before the 72 hour cutoff, your deposit will be held for 7 days to allow you time to rebook. If you fail to rebook within 7 days of your request to reschedule your deposit will be forfeit.This policy includes, but is not limited to, cancellations or requests to reschedule for any reason, any kind of illness or family emergency, car/transportation issues, weather/driving conditions, childcare issues, pet illness or financial crisis. 

  3. Rescheduled appointments must be within 60 days of the original appointment time.  If you request to reschedule a second time for the same tattoo regardless notice given, you will be required to pay a deposit equal to the total remaining balance of your tattoo, so you are paid in full upon scheduling, or I may decide at my discretion, to discontinue working on your project altogether. 

  4. If you reschedule your appointment you may have to wait a period of months before your artist has an available date.

  5. If you cannot get your tattoo due to medical reasons i.e. You find out you are pregnant, you are diagnosed with an illness, or have an accident etc that means you are unable to be tattooed we can put your booking fee (deposit) on hold. This will be held for 12 months ready for when you are able to rebook. Failure to provide 72 hours notice may result in your booking fee (deposit) being forfeited. Each individual circumstance will be decided upon on a case by case basis.

  6. If you fail to turn up on the day of your appointment (a 'no show') or cancel with less than 72 hours notice you will lose your booking fee (deposit). You may be required to pay in full for any future appointments. If you are required to pay in full and then fail to turn up for the appointment the full amount will be non refundable.

  7. If you cancel, request to reschedule or no show a complimentary touch up or follow up appointment in which there is no deposit, you will be required to leave a deposit to rebook and will be charged a one hour minimum studio rate for your time in the chair. 

Booking policy: FAQ


Please be sure to arrive for your appointment on time. Since appointments are booked back to back, arriving late disrupts the schedule, cuts into the next clients time and/or does not allow us enough time to finish your tattoo.

If you are unable to arrive on time, be sure to notify us as soon as possible by calling the studio.

Emails are not the way to notify since they are not checked daily and are not considered fair notice of your situation. Be courteous and make a call.

Clients who are more than 15 minutes late will be considered a late cancellation and a new deposit will be required to reschedule. Remember to plan ahead for traffic, bad driving conditions etc.

If you have a full day appointment booked you will still be able to be tattooed (in most circumstances, design dependant) however you will be charged in full from the start of your scheduled appointment time, not from the time you arrive at the studio.


  1. Your contract with us will end on the date of your appointment once the service has been completed. 

  2. If you have multiple appointments booked your contract will be a rolling contract until your final appointment takes place, at which time the contract will end.

  3. You can end your contract with us at anytime if you wish to do so by cancelling your appointment.


  1. Your drawing will be ready for you to see the night before your appointment for approval. They will not be sent any earlier than this.

  2. We are more than happy to make simple alterations to the design at this time. If you have changed your mind about the subject matter or want drastic changes that were not communicated in your initial appointment request, this will count as an entirely new design and will require another deposit as well as a new appointment. Since we are typically booked two to three months in advance that means that we have two to three months worth of drawings to complete before we can get to yours. This doesn’t mean that your drawing or tattoo is any less important, we love all of our clients and always strive to make your ideas become reality, but we have to work on a first come first served basis.

  3. We will not copy someone else's tattoo as we are a custom studio and design everything individually for each client where possible. We will try our best to keep as close to your original idea as possible but please understand it will not look exactly the same as the tattoo photo you used as reference so please bare this in mind when booking.

Booking policy: FAQ


  1. When you leave the studio aftercare is your responsibility. Please follow the aftercare advice given to you properly. Failure to follow the advice carefully could result in a badly healed tattoo and you will be liable to pay for it to be redone at the artists current rate.

  2. Touch up appointments have a £20 charge to cover supply costs and must be done within 3 months of the original tattoo date (If we are unable to fit you in our diaries during that time we will honour the £20 at a later date when we have availability, however if we offer dates within the 3 months and you can't do them this is not our fault)

  3. Touch ups after the 3 month period will be charged depending how much work needs doing and will be charged at least our minimum appointment fee of £100.

  4. Adding to the design/wanting it darker/changed in any way will be classed as a new appointment and does not come under a touch up.


Getting tattooed can have its risks (like any medical procedure) and these are taken at your own risk.

-Complications can include but are not limited to: 

  • Allergic reaction

  • Swelling

  • Scarring

  • Eczema/psoriasis flare ups

  • Infection

By booking with us you agree that you understand the risks and will not hold the artists or studio liable for any complications that arise from getting tattooed.

-Tattoos are permanent (unless you wish to go through the process of laser removal) and should not be entered into lightly. We will not be held liable for any regrets you may have after getting tattooed.

-Tattoos in certain areas can sometimes affect your ability to get certain jobs, even change the way people react to you eg: hands, fingers, neck, head tattoos. By booking a tattoo in any of these areas the artist and studio will not be held responsible for how this will affect your life.


We have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time and we will not tattoo any offensive designs, including but not limited to:

  • Racist designs

  • Homophobic designs

  • Sexist designs

- We will only tattoo designs in a different language where the translation can be proven.

- If you appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs we will not tattoo or pierce you. Your booking fee (deposit) will be forfeited if you are turned away for this reason.

- We will not tolerate rudeness or aggression towards our staff, your appointment will be cancelled, your booking fee (deposit) will be forfeited and you will be asked to leave the studio immediately if you behave in an unacceptable manner.

Booking policy: FAQ
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